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Dickies / Sleeveless / Shells / Cut Sleeves

After many years of research and customer feedback on the topic of Dickies, Sleeveless Shirts, Shells, Unishells or Cut Sleeves, we went thru the pros and cons of each product. We will be introducing for Back To School season 2022, Sleeveless Shirts for all high school blouses. The Sleeveless Shirt ensures a proper tznius fit and length as opposed to the dicky that lacks coverage when bending over. The Sleeveless Shirt is comfortable with a sweater and it doesn't ride up like when wearing Collars only. You won't have to sacrifice on wearing a different shirt color, different collar design or button color as the Sleeveless Shirt is exactly the same as the whole school. Sizes will run the same as the Betty Z shirts. Gone are the days when you wake up in the morning to see that the cleaning lady threw out all your shirts that the sleeves were cut off.
Betty Z Sleeveless Shirt