Monsey New York School Uniforms


For all Monsey uniforms please contact 

18 College Rd   Monsey NY 10952   (845) 445-8856 


They carry Betty Z School Uniforms for all Monsey schools including

Ahavas HS

Ashar Elementary 

Ateres Bais Yaakov Elementary / HS

Ateres Bonos Elementary / HS

Bais Brocho

Bais Chinuch gevoah HS

Bas Mikroh Elementary

Bas Yisroel Elementary / HS

Bais Malka Belz Elementary / HS

Bais Rochel Elementary / HS

Bais Shifra Miriam Elementary / HS

Bais Trany Skver Elementary / HS

Bais Yaakov Chofetz Chaim Elementary

Bais Yaakov Elementary

Bais Yaakov Drav Hirsch - Breuers HS

Bais Yaakov Of Monsey HS

Bais Yaakov Of Rockland County

Bais Yaakov Of Ramapo - BYR HS

Bnos HS

Bnos Binah Munkatch Elementary

Bnos Chana Vien Elementary 

Bnos Derech Yisroel Elementary / HS

Bnos Esther Pupa Elementary / HS

Bnos Yisroel Viznitz 

Bnos Zanz Elementary 

Bnos Zion D'Bobov Elementary 

Cheder Chabad Elementary 

Cheder Zichron Shmuel Nyack

Kesser Bais Yaakov Elementary 

Klausenburg Elementary / HS

Mechon Ora Passaic HS

Monsey Bais Chaya Mushka Elementary 

Ohel Blima Rochel D'Bobov 45 Elementary / HS

Pe'er Bais Yaakov HS

Prospect Elementary

Rachmestrivka Monsey

Satmar Bais Ruchel Elementary / HS

Shiras Miriam HS


Yeshiva of Spring Valley - YSV Elementary