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Polo Size Chart

GUIDE: Polo shirts run pretty full, and there is a big jump from one size to another, so if a child wears normally a size 6 children's they would buy a size YXS which is like a 6 , A child wearing a size 7 can still wear the YXS as it runs pretty full. (Y means Youth and  A means Adult)
In summary the Y2XS is like a size 4, the YXS is like a size 6, the YS is like a size 8, the YM is like a size 12, the YL is like a size 16....
Alert: the size chart is the measurement of the garments, you will only fit in if your chest measurements are approximately 4 to 5 inches narrower
WASHING TIP: Manufacturer recommends drying the polo shirts for best wear, and they do shrink a bit when drying.