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Why does Fraylich recommend that orders should be placed at least a month before the start of the school year?

Our full stock of sizes are at a high during June and July as opposed to August and September.

We experience heavier order volumes come back to school time and we can't ship as quickly.

In the case that you need to exchange for a different size, it's best to have the time to do so.

Within the 30 days, can I return or exchange an item for a different size in person to the Brooklyn store? Or do we need to ship it?

You may bring it in to the Brooklyn store along with the packing slip and we will help you.

Can I exchange or return to Fraylich of Lakewood?

No, they are an independent store and items bought at either location can't be returned or exchanged at other location.

How many uniforms do I need to buy?

It depends how often you do laundry, and your financial situation, the average would be 4 blouses and 3 Jumpers / skirts.

Should I buy the polyester or poly wool blend skirt?

The poly wool blend skirt will hold the pleats nicer and longer than the all poly skirt, therefore for elementary we recommend the polyester as the children will outgrow it before you can see the difference.

For high school we recommend the poly wool blend, as many children stay in the same size for more than the year.

For seminary we recommend the polyester as its only for one year and for Israel the lighter weight skirt is more weather appropriate.

How do I ensure that the uniform will fit for the full school year?

We recommend that you think big when shopping for back to school, keep in mind the entire year of growth, when it's a bit big in the beginning of the year it will be perfect mid year and a bit small at year end.

How do I keep my uniform skirt looking sharp and crisp?

Any heat will remove the pleats, please wash in cold water only, gentle cycle, do not over load your machine, remove promptly, and hang to dry, do not put it in the dryer ever.

Do the skirts, blouses, sweaters or velour's shrink in the wash?

• The skirts do not shrink in cold water.

• The blouses do shrink a bit when you dry them.

• The cotton sweaters shrink a bit in length and widen in width.

• The velour's shrink a bit.

• The Rayon sweaters do shrink when placed in the dryer.

Are the prices the same in store as online?

Yes, Our prices are the same in-store as online.

If I see online that a item is in stock does that mean that you have it in the Brooklyn store?

We have many sizes that are online and are not in-store, and we have many items in our store that we did not post online.

Do I have to check the poly wool skirts for Shatnez?

No, You don't have to, we check periodically that the fabrics are true to the fiber contents, and we do not use any fillers or fusing in the skirts, they are all self lined.

Can we exchange a uniform that has been embroidered or printed?

No, Unfortunately once the item has been embroidered or printed it is final sale.

Do I need a return authorization to start a return?

No, You don't need to contact us before a return, simply return it to us with the order number in the package.